The problem of love marriage is very much seen in our society. Actually it is not a problem, but it has gained the status of a problem now a days. In our society, the discussions on love marriage are seen everywhere. Mostly people are not in favor of love marriages. They are in support of arranged marriages. This is because most of the people are staunch religious persons and they strongly resist any step that is not in not in accordance with our religion. Love marriage is not an immoral thing, but due to its negative image that has been prevailing for a long time, it is not accepted by most of the people in our society. Marrying with the loved ones is perhaps not accepted by our society still. The only reason behind this is that people think that it is against our religious beliefs and social norms. But this not the reality. It is a common and essential right of everyone to marry someone whom he or she understands well and who is compatible with him. How can it be immoral or against the religious teachings? If a girl and a boy understand each other very well and think that they can be good life partners for each other, they have a right to marry. It is not against social norms. It is the basic right of every person. The people who are staunch religious and have conservative minds are against love marriage. They make it a very big issue. They try to wash others’ minds. They try to prove that the persons who are in favor of love marriages are against religious beliefs. They try to stress that love marriages should not be supported. But the fact is that love marriages do not have any negative or bad impact on our society. In fact, if the people marry someone who is mentally compatible with them, they will lead their life in a more better way. On the other hand, marrying some unknown who does not understand you and is not mentally compatible with you is like doing some task forcefully and without any desire and wish. The decent and mature people when understand each other in a very good way, they will be very good life partners for each other. They can cooperate with each other in all the walks of life. They can be very good companions for each other. They can shape a generation in a better way. Our istikhara can give you the best solution for solving your problem of love marriage. Our Wazaaifs can guide you and surely will show you the correct way of how to solve your difficulty of marrying to your loved one. So if you want to sort out this problem of love marriage soon, you must contact us, for we will surely give you help regarding you problem of love marriage. Our Wazaaifs will surely remove all kinds of hurdles that come in your way of love marriage.

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