The success of a person lies in his hard work. Yes, it is true. But more important thing than the hard work is the choice of a right profession. In fact, the success of a person lies in its right choice of profession. When a person chooses the most right and most suitable profession for himself, then the chances for his success in life become more and more. On the other hand, when a person chooses a profession that is not suitable for him, then cannot work properly and ultimately he fails in achieving his target. So it is evident that the success lies in the right choice of most suitable profession. A man can only does his best, when he is indulge in the work that is according to his temperament. Contrary to this, when a man does a work that does not match his nature and temperament, then cannot be succeeded in achieving his target and he fails. For doing his best in any field of life, it is necessary for a man that he chooses a profession that suits his nature and into which he can adjust very easily. Similarly, we can also say that when a person finds his interest in some work, then must quickly that job or work. In this way, he will do his best and he will surely be successful. But, as compared to choosing a right profession according to one’s own nature and temperament, it is more difficult to know that a person is interested or suitable to which profession or work best. The most difficult task, probably, is to find out that who is best suitable to which profession. So we insist upon the finding out of one’s interest in some job, profession or work and after that choosing or selecting that profession or work. Hence, from this discussion, we come to conclude that the most crucial stage in a person’s life is when he chooses or selects a profession for himself. Because it is the time when the future of him is decided. It is the time when his success in the future is decided. It is the time when it is decided that whether he fails or succeeded. So, to sum up, we can say that the most significant event or decision in a person’s life is when he chooses a profession for himself. 

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